The Team

Chef instuctor: Jeremy Sothcott

Instructor: Marie-Claire (MC)  Sothcott  


Chef instructor Jeremy has been at sea his entire life, born in South Africa he started driving boats from a very young age. Now at retirement age he set up a powerboat school in Corfu, to ensure that all the tourist coming to Corfu can have the chance to be safe while driving a boat. After sailing every type of boat, dingy and yacht under the sun, Jeremy is now enjoying the ease of a Powerboat world in the sunshine of Greece. Jeremy explains that understanding the pivot point is key to understanding how a boat can be manoeuvred. 

Marie-Claire, or M-C as she is known, started driving powerboats from age 12 and is now a PWC and Powerboat instructor. Since then she has leaned to sail, Joined her University of Portsmouth yacht team and has moved to the Channel islands. Marie-Claire is currently a regular member of crew on a 82ft yacht and is keen to progress in the world of boats. She loves teaching and wants clients to have fun along the way. Her main motto is 'Let the wind do the work', even in a powerboat!