Our Level 2 Power Boat course is for students with limited boating experience and provides the skills and background knowledge needed to achieve the qualification.

For students with existing knowledge and experience, we will consider you for an ICC Direct Assessment.

We aim to help you obtain your qualification through a tailored training course that is especially geared to your existing knowledge, training and experience.

Training can take place on your own boat, if you have one, on the basis that it is of a suitable type and standard. There is no written exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do one of our courses?
For some people doing a course it is simply a fun thing to do on holiday. For others, they like to know they are doing the ‘right thing’.
To legally hire a boat equipped with an engine over 30 HP in Greece (and many other countries) the ICC or level 2 certificate is required by the port authorities.

What is covered in the course?
Afloat we will cover holding position, mooring, anchoring, turning in a confined space (with and without ropes), coming alongside and bows on to the jetty, and most importantly man overboard methods.

Ashore we cover safety and use of the kill cord, knots, VHF, collision regulations, anchoring, chart work, use of a compass, and short passage navigation.

How many students are on the course?
The maximum student allowable afloat is three; we will run a ‘private course’ or given the demand, group students together.

How much is the course?
Courses are charged on an individual basis, but discounts are offered on family/group bookings, and for advanced payment.

How long is the course?
The course is designed for three students with no knowledge or experience of boating, to be completed over two days.

For those with some knowledge and/or lower student numbers we could consider you for a direct assessment. The direct assessment takes a day to complete.

When can I do the course?
Up to you! During the summer we run courses on a daily basis but due to demand you may need to book a day or two in advance.

Are there age restrictions?
Normally we would advise that students need to be 14 or above, we will consider down to age 12 if they are considered suitable and accompanied by a parent doing the same course. Students under 16 receive an endorsed certificate.

I am not British; can I still do the course?
Yes, we have taught many nationalities. There is a requirement for some spoken English.

What do I need to bring with me on the course?
Thanks to the weather in Corfu, not a lot!
A hat, suitable footwear (beach shoes) and water/medication are the basics.

A sense of humour helps the learning process! And if possible a passport size photograph.